Clem is different somehow and Jago, a boy at school, knows this and doesn’t like it. After enduring his taunts, she finally snaps and uses the magic she has tried to ignore against him. Suspended from school, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious house which she has never noticed before. Once inside, she is intrigued by the thousands of snowglobes it holds- and alarmed to find one holds Dylan, a boy from her school…

It would give too much away to say any more about this amazing book which is published today. Clem is a wonderful heroine- determined and loyal, yet so vulnerable as she is ostracised by others at school. Her relationship with her father is also beautifully explored. The relationship between her and Dylan is also well developed, showing each’s strengths, weaknesses and sensitivity.

The three sisters, Io, Ganymede and Calisto, are wonderful creations, fascinating and complex, their lives entwined yet marred by the demands of their relationships.

Beautifully written, the lyrical prose is as magical as the story it tells. Wonderfully original, completely captivating, this is a must read!

Snowglobe Amy Wilson

Macmillan ISBN: 978-1509885800

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