Wish for a Witch


Back home with her family in Smallbridge, Elsie Pickles has put on her best outfit and a pretty blue shoes with ribbons and is celebrating May Day with the rest of the townspeople. Given to her by a witch, the shoes suddenly develop a mind of their own and lead her away from the celebrations- followed by Nuisance the dog- to The Pickles’ Emporium where Magenta Sharp, that very witch, is waiting for her.

Magenta’s business ‘Sharp Spells on Tap’ is in trouble and delighted to find her help is needed once more, Elsie returns to Crookfinger Forest where she is reunited with old friends. But with a grumpy genie on the loose and a mountain of unopened orders and dissatisfied customers, has Elsie taken on too much this time?

The second adventure for Elsie Pickles and her friends is every bit as enjoyable as the first. Kaye Umansky’s light-hearted, humorous style is simply a joy to read and the story bounces along at a great pace with plenty of action and adventure. Elsie remains one of the most delightful characters I have read about recently, with her positive outlook, caring nature and friendly disposition. All the characters- animal, human and building- really bubble with life and Corbett must be the best raven around!

With Ashley King’s wonderful illustrations, ‘Wish for a Witch’ is a brilliant follow-up to ‘Witch for a Week’, long listed for this year’s awards. An enchanting read!

Wish for a Witch Kaye Umansky, illustrated by Ashley King

Simon and Schuster ISBN: 978-1471160936

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