Goodnight, Mr Panda


It’s bedtime and Mr Panda is getting ready to go to sleep. Not everyone, however, is as careful with their preparations and Mr Panda offers sage advice to each one of his friends whilst continuing with his routine. But he is such a tired panda that even he makes a mistake!

Mr Panda is one of the most adorable picture book characters- ever! In each story, he teaches us the importance of good manners and this one is perfect for discussing and developing a good bedtime routine. The story is wonderful for reading aloud, offering the opportunity for lots of different voices and silly sound effects.


The illustrations are fabulous! Mr Panda sports amazing pyjamas, decorated with multi-coloured doughnuts which match the neat little shower cap he wears in the bath. Although each spread appears quite simple, there is plenty of humour - Mt Panda’s fur going all ‘pouffy’ when he uses the hair dryer, Skunk in his heart covered boxers, trailing toilet roll caught round his tail, Mr Panda’s toy panda-teddy with its little doughnut fabric patch on its tummy… pure joy!


Lemur does all the right things and dressed in his smart, stripy pyjamas, has to remind Mr Panda to give him a hug and say goodnight because Mr P is so tired he ends up getting into the wrong bed and falling fast asleep.

Another adorable story from Mr Antony about the loveable Mr Panda… I can’t wait for the next one!

Goodnight, Mr Panda Steve Antony

Hodder Children’s ISBN: 978-1444927894

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