David Roberts at the Bath Festival


On Sunday, I was delighted to have the chance to hear David Roberts talk about his wonderful book, ‘Suffragette: The Battle for Equality’. It was an amazing session!


David’s interest in the period was first kindled when he did a project at school when he was 14. He was shocked to find out how few rights women had and in creating this book, discovered many less well known figures who were significant to the movement.


Wonderfully knowledgeable about the period, David entertained us with stories about the men and women who bravely fought against inequality in all manner of inventive and original ways. Muriel Matters is one of his favourite figures; he told us the story of how she chained herself to the grill of the Ladies’ Gallery in the House of Commons!


Another House of Commons story involved Emily Davison, the lady who was to die after being hit by the King’s horse at the Derby, who hid in the House to be listed at that address in the 1911 Census. The above picture shows her sneaking in through a door which David has been to see. He also told us that the mouse in the picture is him!


It was a truly fascinating session and was over far too soon! Fortunately, the book is equally fascinating!

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