Guest post: NSTBA18 by Henry


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No-not quite Christmas and my birthday was in September so it must be the NORTH SOMERSET TEACHERS’ BOOK AWARD CEREMONY 2018!

Always an amazing afternoon and this year did not disappoint.

We stepped in from the cold, murky, wet Weston air into Mendip Green’s warm, chuckling, cake stacked, author packed, dogtastic hall and I immediately did a recky of the cake table, book table and raffle table –in that order.

We found a place to sit, made some new book friends and chatted about books.


On our table was the very nice Saviour Pirotta, who kindly signed my new book- I was already excited to read it but hearing him talk about it means I haven’t put it down since I came home!


After a Welcome from Sue, we were set loose on the cakes and mingled like some Pringles. The first Pringle I met was Frankie the author of The Histronauts ‘An Egyptian Adventure’ She was very lovely …..and very lucky as unbeknownst to her, she was about to win the raffle more times than any other human in the history of raffles! She also- at this point in time- did not know that she and the illustrator, Grace Cooke, would be the winners of the Information Category! Like Frankie said, she should definitely buy a lottery ticket on the way home.


I also met Laura James and Emily Fox – I like these people – they write and draw about Pugs and Flamingos- 2 of the most awesome creatures on the planet- as well as Sloths.

Next Jonny Lambert signed my Mum’s picture book ‘Look Out It’s a Dragon!’- this is a great book to share with some little people you may know. Or some Big people who like Dragons.


After this, I ate cake for quite a while only stopping when the raffle was announced- lucky for all of us Frankie didn’t claim all her prizes ( she was nice like that) and lots of us won some amazing books- me included- Hooray!

Then the really important bit happened – more important than the cake- and we found out who were this year’s prize winners.

It was really obvious how much winning these awards meant to all of these wonderful people. I felt honoured to present the award for the ’Moving On’ Category.


Despite the world’s most stickiest envelope, I finally announced the winner was ‘Ella on the Outside’ by Cath Howe.

Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted, won an award or organised the event- it was another great year and I loved being part of it.


Did I mention the dogs? There were dogs-I love dogs…. and books….and cake.