Little Wise Wolf


Little Wolf is so busy reading and learning that he does not want to be disturbed. When his friends ask for help, Little Wolf doesn’t have the time or the inclination to support them. However, when a message comes from the king and Little Wolf is in need, his friends are there to support him and so Little Wise Wolf gains a valuable lesson about learning from his friends as well as from books, making time for both.

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This book is produced to the high quality we have come to expect from Book Island books. Thick, silky pages in a luxurious hard back cover. The illustrations in this wise tale are charming; soft, muted colours give a gentle, almost dream-like quality to each spread. Little Wise Wolf’s red boots add a flash of colour as he makes his way on his long journey to see the king. Just beautiful!

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We all get caught up in things; I know teaching can completely take over my world! For me, this tale is a reminder that we should pause and take time for friends and family, that we should listen to each other and take every opportunity to learn and share.

‘Little Wise Wolf’ would be a brilliant book to use in class. The artistic style would be wonderful to explore, building up backgrounds using charcoal, stamps and adding details in pen and ink, pencil or paint. The story itself is great as a starting point for discussion and also lends itself to many writing opportunities.

Little Wise Wolf

Gijs van der Hammen, illustrated by Hanneke Siemensma

Book Island ISBN: 978--1911496120