National Non-Fiction November: Optical Illusions


We were lucky enough to be picked as a judging panel for this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. The six short listed books were all excellent choices and the JAB Juniors who formed the panel were really excited and loved looking at each one. ‘Optical Illusions’ was our group winner, however, and went on to win overall.


This is a fabulous book for enquiring minds. Before it is even opened, the dial on the cover captures interest and provokes questions and discussion. The science behind each concept is clearly explained, engaging interest with activities to try and plentiful illustrations which are appealing.


Templates are included at the back of the book to aid with the creation of some of the illusions and these are easy to use. JAB Juniors loved exploring this book and testing out some of the activities, working scientifically without even realising it!


‘Optical Illusions’ is a fantastic book to have in the library, but one that could also be used as a starting point for science or art lessons or for exciting science ‘WOW’ sessions. I have a copy in my book corner- and it is always being looked at!

Optical Illusions Gianni A Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber

QEB ISBN: 978- 1682973394