Poems to Live Your Life By


Most of us have a favourite poem- or a snatch of one- that we treasure. Many of these seem to live with us from our schooldays, something which reinforces the importance of providing opportunities to explore and enjoy poems as part of any curriculum.

There are a number of poetry collections available at the moment, but this little volume is particularly beautiful in both presentation and content. Quite simply, Chris Riddell has selected some of his favourite poems and has illustrated them in his unique style.

Organised into sections like ‘Love’, ‘Youth’ and ‘War’, there is a carefully balanced mixture of very well-known and lesser- known poems from different periods. Tennyson’s ‘Lady of Shalott’, Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ and Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 are here in all their wonder and beauty. Here too, is A F Harrold’s poignant poem, ‘I Miss You’, which makes me cry every time I read it. Rachel Rooney’s ‘The Language of Cat’ is another gem not to be missed nor Neil Gaiman’s ‘Witch Work’, each stunningly illustrated.

A collection to treasure and a collection to share, ‘Poems To Live Your Life By’ would make an excellent Christmas - or Jólabókaflóð- present for someone special.

Poems to Live Your Life By Chris Riddell

Macmillian Children’s ISBN: 978-1509814374