The Clockwork Crow


Whilst waiting for a train to take her to a new life in Wales, a mysterious stranger asks orphan, Seren, to look after a strange parcel. Reaching the remote country house which is to be her new home, Seren quickly realises that it is not going to hold the ‘happy-ever-after’ life she has dreamed of and that there is definitely something strange going on. Unwrapping the parcel and finding a strange clockwork crow inside, Seren finds herself embroiled in an enchanted world, on a mission she must succeed in if she is to bring happiness back to her new home.

Dripping with magic and enchantment, ‘The Clockwork Crow’ is a wonderfully concise, beautifully crafted tale, rich in echoes of the old stories. Reading like a Gothic novel, there are many shivery moments of suspense - a forbidden wing, a devastating family tragedy- and detective moments worthy of Holmes. Fantasy and fairy tale then mingle with the reality as Seren enters the beautiful, but dangerous Celtic Otherworld. The Crow is a fabulous character- cantankerous and sarcastic- a challenge to Seren, provoking her to action and bravery.

Catherine Fisher is an amazing author. ‘The Snow Walker’s Son’ remains one of my favourite books and ‘The Obsidian Mirror’ books are a complete joy. ‘The Clockwork Crow’ is a worthy title to sit alongside these.

The Clockwork Crow Catherine Fisher

Firefly Press ISBN: 978-1910080849