The Last Chance Hotel


Kitchen boy at the Last Chance Hotel, Seth is ill used and down trodden by the nasty owners, the Bunn family. Relentlessly bullied by their daughter, Tiffany, Nightshade, the cat, is his only friend. A talented chef, Seth has to prepare his special desert for dinner at a gathering of magicians and to his horror, Dr Thallomius, the only one to show Seth kindness, is poisoned. Seth becomes the prime suspect in this thrilling locked room murder mystery. Can he solve the mystery and prove his innocence?

This is such a good read with much to recommend it to upper primary readers. It is a real page turner, full of well developed characters. The mystery is brilliantly plotted and the reader is led through a twisting, turning maze of clues and red herrings to a very satisfying - and unexpected- conclusion.

There is nothing else I can write for fear of spoiling it for other readers. Suffice it to say, this will not disappoint!

The Last Chance Hotel Nicki Thornton

Chicken House ISBN: 978-1911077671