You're Snug With Me


After their birth, Mama Bear nurtures her cubs, explaining the world to them and constantly reassuring them as they grow. She answers each question they ask, offering comfort and watching over them as they take their first steps into the world.


This stunning book comes from the same team as ‘You’re Safe With Me’ and is every bit as enchanting. Parental guidance and reassurance are central to the story as the baby bears question their mother as little ones do. Her gentle responses reaffirm her love for them, but also send a strong wider message about the wonders of our planet and the importance of caring for it.

‘We should only ever take what we need,’ replied Mama Bear


The atmospheric, lyrical prose is accompanied by the breathtaking illustrations. Rich in patterned detail, each spread is simply stunning with clever use of colour to enhance the text. Dusky blues and purples contrast with greys and whites to bring the landscape alive whilst warmer tones of cream and brown show Mama Bear in her den with her cubs growing inside her against the cold blues of the world outside.


Although the story is simple, it is richly told and there are additional notes at the end explaining more about the polar lands and the creatures which live there. It also encourages children to be curious and to work together to care for ‘this awe-inspiring planet that is our home.’

Another winner!

You’re Snug With Me Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Poonam Mistry

Lantana Publishing ISBN: 978-1911373476

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