Sammy Claws The Christmas Cat


Father Christmas’s cat, Sammy Claws, loves to snooze and dream of when he will fly with Santa in his sleigh. On Christmas Eve, things do not go according to plan and Sammy finds himself in a spot of bother. However, when Santa- and Christmas- are under threat from some baddies, Sammy leaps into action and saves the day!


Told in bouncing rhyme, ‘Sammy Claws’ is the purr-fect Christmas story! ‘Furry, purr-y, fluffy and fat’, cat lovers everywhere will recognise their own feline friends in Sammy. He can fall asleep anywhere and is really keen to get involved in everything that’s going on- which, when he tries to help Santa on Christmas Eve, leads to chaos and confusion. How often have I had to try and wrap a present or write something with ‘help’ from one of my lovely moggies?


This gorgeous kitty is such an unexpected hero that no one can help cheering him on and being delighted when Santa gives him a big hug and special Christmas present which might help him in the future! The robbers are classic baddies in masks and stripy shirts and seeing them get their comeuppance is so satisfying!


The illustrations are a complete delight! Sammy’s lovely little face is so expressive and each spread is full of details, making it a treat to explore again and again. The ‘Elf and Safety’ checklist, the i.wrap.5000 and Ribbon-o-Matic machines, the pictures on the walls… so many details to discuss and enjoy.

If you’re looking for a Christmas treat for a little (or big!) loved one, look no further than the adorable ‘Sammy Claws The Christmas Cat’! This is a treasure which will be added to my repertoire of seasonal delights to share with my class!

Sammy Claws The Christmas Cat Lucy Rowland and Paula Bowles

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-1788002738

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