A T-Wit for a T-Woo


There once lived an owl who lived in a wood,

Who wanted to do what every owl should.

He would fly each night through the wood he loved,

And quietly gaze at the stars up above.

Twoo feels that something is missing. He only has half of his song and so decides to search far-and-wide on a quest to it. But wherever he looks, the other animals tell him they have only heard his ‘T-Woo!’ When help is really needed, Twoo finds a true friend and the other half of his song.


A perfect bedtime story, ‘A T-Wit for a T-Woo’ is told in rhyming text, with gentle humour and fabulous illustrations. Armed with words of advice from his father- ‘If you try your best son, things will turn out okay’- Twoo bravely sets off, determined to find what he is seeking.


The story uses rich language, perfect for discussing- ‘forlorn’, ‘dappled’, for example- which adds to the joy of reading it aloud. Twoo’s bravery at continuing on his quest when faced with the comments and behaviour of the other animals show how important self belief and determination are to succeeding.


Layn Marlow’s illustrations are a real delight. Beautifully atmospheric, they capture the wonders of the woodland setting and the creatures that live there. Little T-Woo’s face is so expressive as he experiences a whole range of emotions, from fear to hurt to joy. The story also offers the opportunity to find out more about tawny owls, their habitats and their calls.

This is a lovely, gentle story, perfect for sharing again and again.

A T-Wit for a T-Woo Charlie Farley, illustrated by Layn Marlow.

Orchard Books ISBN: 978- 1408346495