Brilliant Bookshops: Octavia's in Cirencester


If you love a Moomin (and I do love a Moomin or two!), then this is a must on your ' Brilliant Bookshops' list!


Cirencester is a market town in Gloucestershire where in Black Jack Street (fascinating name - you can find out more here!) you can find Octavia's, a bookshop specialising in children's literature. You can find books here for everyone from the tiniest tyke to your troublesome teen- and those of us who are a little older, but still love a good read!


And there are Moomins! In the windows, on the shelves, as part of the displays- everywhere you look, there are Moomins. The whole shop brings a huge smile to your face.


The shop offers a wealth of books to choose from, with comfy seats to relax on whilst browsing. The lady serving was helpful and polite and a stream of customers came and went whilst I was enjoying searching the shelves, many obviously regulars.


A fabulous shop - perfect for Valentine's Day- and Book Giving Day!