Earth Verse


This beautiful book explores the earth and all the amazing ways it works through a series of haiku and vivid illustrations. These range from the earth's place in the solar system

third one from the sun,

Earth's blue and white majesty

dwarfs her lunar child

to rock formations, volcanoes and minerals.

hold fast, stalactite.

everlasting icicle

stone bed for bat.


Haiku is such a beautiful poetic form. Each word- each syllable- must be so carefully chosen to encapsulate each image and Sally Walker has done this with skill, introducing technical vocabulary alongside vivid description. At the end of the book, there are additional scientific notes about each area, explaining the terms used in the poems. A little symbol in the corner of each page links each haiku to the relevant notes which have the matching picture. There is also a list of suggested further reading. 


The illustrations are beautiful- impressionistic and atmospheric, complementing the poems perfectly. 

DSC_0011 (2).JPG

Any of the haiku could be used as the starting point for a science lesson. The series of poems about volcanoes, for example, would provoke plenty of discussion and encourage children to explore the unfamiliar terms used in them. The poems about glaciers could be used alongside work on Shackleton's Journey, also illustrated by William Grill. 

The artwork could also be used as inspiration for the children's own, using pastels etc to illustrate their own writing or poetry. 

Earth Verse   by Sally M Walker, illustrated by William Grill

Walker   ISBN: 978-1406376494

To be published 1st March 2018