Three Cheers for Women!


Dot and Abe are the narrators of this book and their initial conversation- and Marcia Williams' dedication- make it clear from the outset that this is not a book saying boys are not to be celebrated, but that it is intended to fill a gap as there are already lots of books about brilliant boys. 

The book contains the stories of many inspirational women from around the world and from many periods of history. Using her distinctive comic-strip style, Marcia Williams explores their lives and achievements. Additional comments from a helpful flock of birds and a running commentary from Dot and Abe help to explain particular details without interrupting the flow of each biography. 


Some of the figures are well known- Boudicca and Florence Nightingale for example- and Marcia's concise style gives an excellent summary of these, adding her touch of wit and charm into the telling. 


Other biographies are of less well-known individuals-Mae C Jemison, Wangari Maathai and Mary Wollstonecraft- and each story is told with skill and care, introducing us to some truly amazing women.

Marcia Williams obviously had great difficulty in choosing which women to include in her book as there are pages at the end giving brief summaries about yet more women who were/are 'leaders and world changers', 'sportswomen and creatives' and 'pioneers and adventurers'. Her final note to the reader tells us that she had to leave out thousands- a banner listing more is on the end page alongside a blank one for the reader to add their own. This offers plenty of inspiration for finding out about other great women- or for adding the names of those who might not be famous, but are significant and inspirational to those who know them.


Essential for every library, this is a book which schools will certainly be able to make great use of. Brilliant stuff!

Three Cheers for Women!   Marcia Williams

Walker Books      ISBN: 978-1406374865