When a strange white creature appears, the other animals and birds are afraid of it and flee if it comes near them. When it starts to collect leaves from the forest, they are puzzled and threatened by this odd behaviour, calling the creature 'Leaf'.

When at last they listen to him and take the time to understand his actions, the other animals decide to help. 


Beautifully illustrated, this is such a lovely story, sharing such an important message. Leaf will be recognised by the reader as a polar bear who finds himself in a strange environment with strangers who are fairly hostile. They make no effort to understand him or to empathise with him, allowing difference and fear to colour their perception.


The relevance of this book to today's society is obvious and presented in such a way as to make it perfect for discussions or for simply introducing ideas of tolerance and compassion. The illustrations are captivating, colourful and full of wonderful patterning- worth lingering over and enjoying again and again.

Leaf    Sandra Dieckmann

Flying Eye Books      ISBN: 978-1911171737