Words and Your Heart


This beautiful little book encourages everyone to think about the power of words. The simple text carries a strong message- words can do amazing things!- but doesn't shy away from the fact that they can wound as well- like a deadly arrow that can pierce someone's heart.


This is such an important message and is told with great skill. The child and their little cat bring the text to life, the artist's skill brilliantly showing a huge range of emotions. The limited range of colours allow the red of each heart to really stand out and remind the reader of its importance.


How about we all use our words to look after each other's hearts?

This is the real message of the story- let's be kind to one another and make the world a happier place! Essential for sharing with everyone, this will be a wonderful book to start discussions and make everyone think. Just lovely!

Words and Your Heart      Kate Jane Neal

Simon and Schuster       ISBN: 978-1471168536