Huw Powell at the first Weston Literature Festival


Today, I went to the Weston Museum to hear our good friend, Huw Powell, speak at the first Weston Literature Festival. 


Having warmed us all up by asking the audience about their favourite books and authors, Huw read to us from the first of the 'Spacejackers' books. It's been a while since I read it and hearing the beginning of it again reminded me of how good it is and made me determined to re-read it very soon! 

 Huw talked about how he had created stories and comic strips as a child, never thinking that he would be able to pursue this line of work as a career. He also spoke of .the importance of believing in your dreams and never giving up as anything is possible. 


Asking for contributions from the audience, Huw then created a new Space pirate, using all the ideas he had been given. The results were fantastic! Huw is a talented artist as well as an excellent story teller.


The session finished with another reading and lots and lots of questions from a very enthusiastic audience. It was a lovely session and Huw then signed lots of books for his eager readers.

The Weston Festival is going to be an annual event so I look forward to attending more events next year.