Victor Hugo- Hauteville House, Guernsey


Victor Hugo was born on this day in 1802. The French poet and author spent 15 years in exile on Guernsey and the island provided inspiration for much of his writing. 


Hauteville House is an amazing place to visit and is maintained by the City of Paris, meaning that the guides are all French. Fortunately for us, they speak excellent English and give the most fascinating talks about the house, Hugo and the island.


Still furnished as it was when Hugo lived there over 150 years ago, Hauteville House was designed by the author himself and is a real work of art.


Four floors of lavishly decorated and richly furnished rooms really reflect the man himself. Each room is decorated in a very different style with lots of attention to detail and imagination.


At the top of the house, Hugo had his 'look-out', offering stunning views of the garden and the coast line beyond. Here he worked and wrote several of his most famous pieces, including Les Miserables. Also in this attic area, there is a small bedroom, resembling a ship's cabin, where Hugo would often sleep, .


Last year, we celebrated his birthday by reviewing Marcia Williams' version of his classic 'Les Miserables'. You can read our review here.

You can visit Hauteville House in Guernsey; however, it is closed this year for renovations.