Spyder (Codename 008) is a super special secret agent who lives in her penthouse apartment at Number 7, Fleming Road, the loft of the Webster's home. Determined to foil Bluebottle's plot to eat little Tom Webster's birthday cake, Spyder is called upon to save the day.


Small she may be, but nothing gets in Spyder's way. Full of determination, courage and tea, she is ready for anything. The story would make a brilliant starting point for discussions about these qualities and how important they can be. I could also see children creating their own secret agents, using what they know about various creepy crawlies! 

The illustrations are fabulous. Bold blocks of colour keep backgrounds simple and uncluttered and layout is comic-like which allows the story to move quickly. There is so much humour on every page, which will appeal to any adult reading the story for the links to the James Bond films as well as to children. Matt Carr allows us to see things from Spyder's perspective- looking down on a room, looking up a the threat of a giant foot- which really makes you feel part of the story. 


As well as being an entertaining story, 'Spyder' also contains information about spiders on the 'Spider Facts Website' at the end of the book. If any book can salvage the reputation of these amazing creatures, this must be it! 

Next week's Book Group session will be based around this lovely story and I hope there will be many more missions for this super special secret agent before too long. Brilliant stuff!

Spyder     Matt Carr

Scholastic      ISBN: 978-1407172934

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