Step Boldly...


Morrigan Crow is a cursed child. Not expected to live beyond her eleventh birthday, she is a constant source of embarrassment for her family and supposedly brings bad luck to everyone she meets. Whisked away to the magical city of Nevermoor by Jupiter North, a mysterious member of the Wundrous Society, who is willing to be Morrigan's sponsor so she too can join this elite group. 


In order to gain membership to the Society, Morrigan must pass four entrance trials, one of which is showcasing her 'knack' or talent- which she is convinced she does not possess. Determined to stay at the fabulous Hotel Deucalion- Jupiter's hotel- with her new friends, Morrigan is desperate to stay in Nevermoor and avoid being banished back to Jackalfax and her family.


Whimsical and wonderful, Nevermoor is a a fantastic world, full of amazing details and fabulous characters. It is one of those books which it is simply impossible to put down once you have started it! I absolutely loved it and was so delighted when I found out that Jessica Townsend was coming to visit some of our schools.


As lively and bubbly as her writing, Jessica charmed the children with her humour and open, friendly manner. Her presentation told them all about her childhood and how she came to writing. She also shared lots of covers of her book from around the world, showing the illustrations different countries have chosen. 


The children left the hall absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm and I know that it was the same in the other schools she visited. Lots of children went home clutching copies of 'Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow'

Thank you so much to Jessica (and to Dom) for coming to visit us. It was wundrous! 

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow       Jessica Townsend

Orion     ISBN:978-1510104112