Dylan and Titchy Chick


Last week, we held a book event for our EYFS children based on the Dylan stories by Guy Parker-Rees. Full of enthusiasm, Dylan is a very lovable character who is always playing and imagining. The stories about him are great for joining in with and for encouraging little children to use their own imaginations!


We started with the story of 'Dylan the Shopkeeper'. Everyone joined in with the 'ding' of the till and the children told me how they had been enjoying their 'shop' in the classroom.

Then we watched a clip of Guy Parker-Rees drawing Titchy Chick. The children were really excited by this and were very keen to have a go themselves.


We talked through the instructions before they had a go at drawing Titchy Chick for themselves. The results were amazing! The children were so enthusiastic and didn't want to stop drawing! I was so impressed by their work. 


We also talked about other things that Dylan might want to pretend to be and the children coloured pictures of him, adding their ideas. They had lots of them!


Dylan is now a firm favourite in our EYFS classes and each class was given a copy of 'Dylan the Teacher' for their book corners by our Head for World Book Day.