The Squirrels Who Squabbled


Another fabulous story from Rachel Bright and Jim Field, 'The Squirrels Who Squabbled' reminds us that sharing a laugh with your friends is the best thing.

Spontaneous Cyril has spent his time partying and having fin instead of gathering stores for the winter. Realising his cupboards are bare, Cyril spots one lone pine cone, ripe for plucking, and sets off to pick it. At the same time, 'Plan-Ahead Bruce' decides that the final thing he needs to complete his well stocked winter larder is the self-same pine cone!


Each sets off to claim their prize and the ensuing battle of the pine cone nearly leads to disaster!


The rhyming text bounces along as it follows the antics of these two nut-lovers. Rachel Bright's rich use of language includes alliteration and onomatopoeia- brilliant for listening to and great fun to read aloud! 

The illustrations are a pure delight! Full of details, each spread is a joy! Cyril and Bruce are just wonderful, each easily identifiable as a separate personality. 

A great way of gently pointing out the folly of silly squabbles, this book is sure to join 'The Lion Inside' and 'The Koala Who Could' as firm classroom favourites!

The Squirrels Who Squabbled    by Rachel Bright, illustrated by Jim Field

Hachette Children's      ISBN: 978-1408340479

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