The Wizards of Once


Once there was a boy who had been brought up as a Wizard, believing that all Warriors are bad. However, Xar (the wizard) had no magic- and would do anything to get some.

Once there was a girl who was a warrior- people who believed that ALL magic was bad and should be destroyed. However, Wish (the warrior) owned a magical object that she really didn’t want to give up- and she wasn’t a very good warrior.

Once there was a book which was full of fantasy, adventure and humour…

Thrown together by chance, Wish and Xar are each misfits in their own worlds. Xar is taunted for his lack of magical ability; Wish constantly fails to live up to her mother’s high expectations of perfection. Through knowing each other, these two very different characters- Xar is arrogant and self-centred whereas Wish is loyal and caring- learn so much about themselves, forming an unusual alliance and friendship.


Cressida Cowell creates a fantastic world, populated with fabulous characters and creatures. The narrator’s voice is witty and engaging, injecting comments and observations- and keeping the reader guessing which character they might be!

The story is full of sketchy drawings by Cressida Cowell, liberally illustrating the story and adding to the humour. ‘The Wizards of Once’ is a series set to be just as wonderful and popular as the 'How to...' series.


Which is where book two of the series comes in! The magic continues as Xar and Wish join forces once more. Xar has been infected with witch blood and a stain is rapidly spreading up his arm, and, having escaped prison, he is keen to search for ingredients to counteract the spell. Wish is trying to come to terms with magical powers that will not make her any more popular with her mother and together they must try to defeat the Witch king. In this story, they learn much about themselves, each other and that even their parents were young once!


Full of fun and frolics, this series is essential reading for those who enjoy fast paced, funny adventures with a touch of magic! Wonderful stuff!

The Wizards of Once     Cressida Cowell

Hodder     ISBN: 978-1444936728

The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic   Cressida Cowell

Hodder      ISBN: 978-1444941401