A Spoonful of Murder


When her grandfather dies, Hazel makes the long journey to Hong Kong, accompanied by Daisy. The trip is full of surprises for Daisy as she learns things she never knew about her friend, but there is also a huge shock in store for Hazel. A new member of the family has arrived and things in Hazel's beautiful family home have changed.

Kidnap and murder follow and the girls find themselves confronting danger and suspicion as they try to solve the case. 

This is my favourite Wells and Wong Mystery so far! The relationship between the two girls changes as Daisy finds herself in situations where she cannot take charge and has to rely on Hazel's knowledge and understanding of the culture and traditions of Hong Kong. Robin Stevens has really made Hong Kong come alive, capturing the atmosphere and I recognise glimpses of it from my visit there.

Family relationships are always complex and Hazel's are handled with great sensitivity, acknowledging the cultural differences, yet emphasising the similarities- sibling rivalries, craving attention from parents and above all, love. Misunderstandings abound, but everything works out in the end. 

The mystery is fast paced, with a whole host of suspects and motives. There is danger and tension aplenty before the girls work their way through the maze of clues and triumph yet again.

This is an excellent series of books for children in the upper primary years and into lower secondary. Strong characters, a wonderfully old-fashioned feel and a crime to solve- what more could you ask for! Brilliant!

A Spoonful of Murder     Robin Stevens

Penguin      ISBN: 978-0141373782