Charlie and Me


Brothers Martin and Charlie are off on the adventure of a lifetime. They are going to Cornwall where they hope to see the dolphin they saw whilst on holiday. But there is another reason they are going.

Mark Lowery is a great favourite of mine for his earlier books- 'Socks are Not Enough' and 'Pants are Everything'- fast paced, light-hearted stories full of humour. This is a complete change of pace and mood. Emotionally charged and with a deeply moving conclusion, 'Charlie and Me' is a beautiful story, crafted with great skill and thought.

Martin is the worrier; he obviously adores his bother and does his best to care for him. Charlie is a huge personality, often frustrated by his health issues, but a force to be reckoned with. They make quite a team, showing great resourcefulness in the face of lack of funds and the many obstacles they encounter on their journey. 

This is one of those books which is very hard to write about without giving the plot away. Martin's poems are scattered throughout the book as are flashbacks of the special holiday, hinting at his feelings, the significance of Cornwall and this important journey. The ending comes as a shock- I needed many tissues!

Powerful and moving, 'Charlie and Me' is a story about love and family. Well worth a read!

Charlie and Me  Mark Lowery

Piccadilly      ISBN: 978-1848126220