The Tower of London


It's been a wet and windy day in London, but the Tower remains as magical as ever. Having not visited for about eight years, I was very excited to be going back. 


I have been lucky enough to visit this fabulous place many times over the years. Steeped in history, there is something new to discover every time you visit. The connection with Richard III and his nephews is one of my particular interests, but the focus in the Bloody Tower offers a more negative slant than I would have liked! This was my favourite bit!


Catherine Howard is another historical figure I find fascinating. Her last days were spent in the Tower and she was executed here in February 1542 before being buried in the Chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula. 


It is said the kingdom and the Tower will fall if the resident ravens ever leave it. According to the stories, it was Charles II who first insisted the ravens of the Tower be protected and they have their wings clipped to make sure they cannot fly away.


A brilliant day out- so interesting and so fascinating! It as inspired me to look at planning for the Tudors and books set in this period- and perhaps with the Tower as a setting. Please let us know if anyone has any ideas!