I Do Not Like Books Anymore!


Natalie and Alphonse love books and stories. They love listening to them, being told them, sharing them and making them up. However, when Natalie starts learning to read, things do not go well. The letters and words look like prickles or birds' feet and nothing really happens to the cat in the book she is given by her teacher. Natalie decides she does not like books anymore and it takes support from the whole family for her to rediscover her love of reading. 


Sadly, Natalie is not the only one to experience difficulties when learning to read and her story shows the importance of a rich, varied and stimulating diet of reading material and the patience and support needed to encourage and develop reading skills. Hearing Natalie's story will offer reassurance to those in this situation. Daisy Hirst also makes fun of those reading scheme books which are heavy on repetition and low on content and how this does not engage children (or teachers!)  whose imaginations demand more!


This is the second story about Natalie and Alphonse. Daisy Hirst's bold, bright illustrations are full of humour and emotion. Daisy's little face is full of joy when she first receives her reading book which dwindles to bewilderment as she tries to decipher the contents. 


After I  shared this with a group of children, there was lots of discussion about learning to read, 'scheme' books and 'real' reading which I found fascinating. From the title onwards, this is a book to be enjoyed, but also one to talk about.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore! Daisy Hirst

Walker     ISBN: 978-1406369137