I Love You (nearly always)


Roly the woodlouse and Rita the firefly are completely different to each other. This is why they are so fond of each other- opposites attract; however, their differences can also lead to lots of tension and arguments. Working together, they accept their differences and compromise, coming to love each other all the more.


This is a warm, funny book with a really important message. People who love each other can annoy each other and have arguments. The story offers reassurance as it shows these feelings are normal, but also emphasises how important it is to communicate, to share, to compromise- a lesson for all relationships. 


The illustrations are an absolute joy! Brightly coloured, mixed media pictures show Roly and Rita enjoying themselves. Collage makes the pictures pop off the page and Anna's scribbly style is very engaging. 'I Love You (Nearly Always) is also available as a pop-up which I must get my hands on soon!

I love 'The Colour Monster' also by Anna Llenas (reviewed here) which I often share with children and 'I Love You (Nearly Always) is another story which will become part of my essential collection for school. Great stuff!

I Love You (Nearly Always)    Anna Llenas

Templar Publishing      ISBN: 978-1783707973