International Children's Book Day

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The 2nd April is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen and since 1967, this has been celebrated as International Children's Book Day- a day to inspire the love of reading and promote interest in children's books. A different section of IBBY (International Board on Book for Young People) sponsor this day each year and 2018 is IBBY Latvia's turn. 'The small is big in a book' is their theme. 

 A book is a mystery in which something unsought can be found, or something beyond one’s reach.  A children's book signifies respect for the greatness of the small.

You can read more of their message here.

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Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805 in Odense, Denmark. Author of over 3000 works, his fairy tales have been translated into many languages and are well-known in many countries. The Snow Queen was first published in 1844 and has the struggle of good over evil at its heart. Told over seven stories, it follows Gerda as she searches for her friend, Kay, and rescues him from the Snow Queen.

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As a child, The Snow Queen (along with The Red Shoes) was the fairy tale that scared me the most. The coldness of the Snow Queen, the change in Kay and the spiteful, cruel little robber maiden were Andersen's originals in the book that I had; however, the sense of triumph when Gerda triumphed over the wickedness of the Snow Queen and saves her friend.


In this re-telling, Sarah Lowes has kept the seven chapter structure to the tale, but has added and taken away from the original, making the story her own. The story flows smoothly, following Gerda on her journey to save Kay, overcoming dangers and hardship on the way. A classic 'voyage and return' plot, the children make their way home after all their experiences, having matured and gained greater understanding of the world. The illustrations are fabulous-mixed media, ethereal images add to the mystery of the story. 


This beautiful book is the perfect introduction to Andersen's original story and there are others in this series of classic fairy tales.

The Snow Queen  retold by Sarah Lowes, illustrated by Miss Clara.

Barefoot Books    ISBN:978-1846869631

Let's keep talking about books- Happy International Children's Book Day!