The Weaver

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Stanley is a spider who loves to collect things which he keeps them safe in his beautiful web. He is very proud of his collection, but when the wind and rain come, he loses all of his precious things. Or has he?

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Sweet and charming, 'The Weaver' is a delight to read, with simple text and gorgeous illustrations combining to offer a lovely story. Stanley is an example to us all. Industrious and skilful, once his web has been destroyed by nature, Stanley does not give up, but sets to and finds another way to record his treasures before travelling off on the wind. The story reminds us of the transience of possessions and the importance of holding on to and developing memories. It explores the impact the forces of nature can have and is sure to encourage conversations about the beauty and wonder of tiny creatures like Stanley and his friends!

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The illustrations are simply delightful! Stanley is little more than a blob with legs, yet the reader is in no doubt about his joy, his anxiety or his sorrow as the story develops. Each spread is full of details to enjoy and a mixture of full page illustrations and comic strip style pictures keep the story moving. The colour choices give a fresh, clean feel to the whole text, with soft blues purples, pinks and oranges of the sky framing Stanley's adventure. Just lovely!

The Weaver    Qian Shi

Anderson Press    ISBN: 089-1783445363