FCBG Children's Book Awards- Mrs Mole, I'm Home!


Morris the Mole has been hard at work all day, but he can't find his glasses. Still, he is confident that he can find his way home to Mrs Mole and the children. Yet every time he thinks he's arrived, he pops into another family's home. Fortunately, the smell of worm noodles leads him back to his family and his dinner.


This is one of the four  books short listed in the Books for Younger Readers category of this year's FCBG Children's Book Awards and as a Federation group, we encourage all of our members to get involved. I started the voting at my school by sharing each book in this category with my class.


'Mrs Mole, I'm Home' had them laughing out loud- not always easy with Year 6 children- as Mr Mole accidentally visited family after family in his efforts to find his home. The repetitive format of the story encouraged them all to join in with speculating whose dinner he might interrupt next. The illustrations were a huge hit with the class enjoying little details like the titles of the books in the owls' tree, the bunnies with all their carrots and the worms in the soil. 

A warm, wonderfully funny story with lovely pictures! 

You can find out more about the Children's Book Awards and how to vote here.