FCBG Children's Book Awards-Edgar and the Sausage Inspector


When Edith is hungry, Edgar sets off to find something tasty for tea. Hurrying home with some lovely sausages, he is stopped by the Inspector- a rat in a hat- who confiscates the plump sausages, leaving the famished felines with nothing but dry crackers and pickles.


And so it continues. The Inspector gets more and more self important...and plumper and plumper until Edgar snaps, the Inspector gets his comeuppance and Edith gets a delicious tea. Surprisingly, Edgar's not very hungry...


This book is such fun to read aloud! Purrfect for practising your 'voices', the story also allows children to join in with the repeated refrain of the Inspector as he robs poor Edgar again and again! Full of humour and fun, the story romps along at a great pace and had my class laughing out loud!


The illustrations are wonderful- each character full of personality. We loved it!

Edgar and the Sausage Inspector   Jan Fearnley

Nosy Crow    ISBN: 978-0857638229

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