NSTBA 2018

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We're nearly there! On Sunday, we announce our 4th long list- and we are so proud of our selection! 


Over the past months- since the last awards really- we have been on the hunt!  As teachers, teaching assistants and school librarians (some of us filling more than one of these roles!), we are committed to finding fabulous books to share with colleagues and children. Mission accomplished!

awards shortlist.jpg

We have read hundreds and hundreds of books and have had many meetings- with tea, cake and plenty of good tempered arguments! Each of us has a favourite or two which hasn't made the list, but we will attempt to review as many of these as we can over the next few months.


So... the list will be announced on Sunday and each of our titles will be featured in a special long list review. In September, our short list will be announced amid a flurry of pictures of pooches in party hats and all of our short listed authors and illustrators will be invited to our awards in November. Publishers are also welcome to attend and our past awards winners have standing invitations to come and join us!


So many books, so little time...