Hansel and Gretel


If you love a twist on- or indeed a twisted- fairy tale, then this latest offering from Bethan Woollvin is just the thing for you!

Willow, a good witch, only used good magic and made herself a lovely home from gingerbread. Following a trail of crumbs one day, she found two children. These naughty children, called Hansel and Gretel, start to cause mayhem, driving good witch Willow to her wit's end. After they have eaten bits of her gingerbread house, gobbled up all the food she made them and messed around with her magic things, good witch Willow is forced to take drastic action.


Orange, black, white and grey are used to create striking images in a unique, quirky style which is utterly appealing and full of fun. Her use of simple shapes to create these illustrations is great for generating discussions with children and inspiring them to create their own pictures.


Perfect for story time, 'Hansel and Gretel' could also be used as the basis for work in class. Older children would enjoy developing their own tales with twists on the originals and a humorous edge. It offers many possibilities for work across subjects - ratio through gingerbread recipes, for example! Delicious fun!

Hansel and Gretel       Bethan Woolvin

Two Hoots      ISBN: 978-1509842698