The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop Tudor Boy Spy


Thomas Snoop is in training to be a spy. His uncle, Lord Snoop, suggested him to Lord Severn, England's spymaster. Being a 'good true Protestant', Thomas is sent to Goldenhilt Hall, the home of Willian de Grieff, Earl of Drayshire, to uncover traitors and their evil plots.

Disguised as a servant, he joins the household, keeping a secret diary to record his observations as he tries to make sense of the events that unfold around him. But it's not easy to know what to think or who to trust...

The third in the wonderful 'Secret Diary' series, 'Thomas Snoop' uncovers the secrets of life in Tudor England. Full of humour and facts, it offers the perfect mixture of history and entertainment to keep the reader engaged. 

Footnotes at the bottom of each page explain the terms and history involved without interrupting the story. Jamie Littler's fabulous illustrations are scattered across every page, adding to the humour. The book is so appealing, in fact, that when I was on the train to London, the man next to me was trying to read it over my shoulder! Just remember... only the facts are true!

The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop Tudor Boy Spy

Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Nosy Crow and the National Trust     ISBN: 978-1788000550

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