No Shame


Continuing the story of Stacey Woods from 'No Virgin', 'No Shame' follows her story as she seeks justice in the courts. It's his word against hers and she suffers again as the trial forces her to re-live her ordeal- this time with the world listening and judging. A dark, uncomfortable read, these books are Anne Cassidy at her best.

To write too much would spoil the book, but this is a story which needs to be told. It is not an easy read. It is raw, uncomfortable and thought-provoking. It exposes a whole range of emotions and does not neatly tie everything up with the verdict that's expected. Stacey's range of emotions and her confused feelings for her attacker's brother are painful, but brilliantly explored, reflecting the harsher side of life. 

Anne Cassidy is well known for writing challenging novels which tackle 'grey areas'. In 'No Virgin' and 'No Shame'  are both excellent reads which are much needed. 

No Shame   Anne Cassidy

Hot Key Books   ISBN: 978-1471406782