Lulu Gets a Cat


One of our lovely JAB members has recently adopted a kitten. She's like a new mum, proudly showing photos of her little one- who is very sweet and very worth looking at! And that reminded me of this delightful book- 'Lulu Gets a Cat'. 

Lulu wants a pet cat, but mummy says they take a lot of looking after. So they head to the library to borrow books about how to do this and Lulu pretends her toy is a real cat to show that she can do it right. At last, Mummy agrees she can have one and they head off to the shelter to choose her pet.


This is a lovely story, showing that a new pet is a big responsibility and needs to be carefully prepared for. As well as showing Lulu and her mummy shopping for all the things a new cat needs, the book shows the importance of letting a new pet settle into a new home even though the reader can see how desperate Lulu is to play with it! Information from the Cats Protection League is included, offering support for anyone thinking of adopting.


The illustrations are wonderful, depicting a warm, loving family and a little girl who is obviously devoted Makeda, her new pet. Purr-fect reading!

Lulu Gets a Cat  by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Alanna Books    ISBN: 978-1907825163