The Dictionary of Dads


'Dad' means something different to each one of us. I will readily tell you that I have the best dad in the world- just as others will claim their (very different) dad is actually the best. This book is an amazing selection of poems which celebrates the huge variety of people- and creatures- who are dads. All manner of dads are represented; the male marmoset (Inspirational Dad), dad in prison, cross dressing dad, absent dad and everything in between. 

Some of these poems are poignant, exploring the pain of absence - the last lines of 'Faraway Dad' being very moving. Many are funny and celebrate the best in relationships. 'Refugee Dad' considers what some dads have experienced so their children can have better. A couple of the poems are darker, making uncomfortable reading, but gaining there place in this 'Dictionary of Dads'. 

The poems are written in a variety of styles and forms. 'Quintessential Dad' is written in kennings, for example, whilst the question and answer style of 'He-Man Dad' is perfect for performing. The book is peppered with mainly humorous cartoon drawings depicting all kinds of dads!

A great collection with huge potential for use in school. I shall be trying these out on my class in the near future!

The Dictionary of Dads  Poems by Justin Coe, illustrated by Steve Wells

Otter-Barry Books     ISBN: 978-1910959169