Margaret Peterson Haddix


Today is the birthday of American author, Margaret Peterson Haddix. I have loved her writing since I discovered 'Amongst the Hidden' in 1998 - 20 years ago! How to make myself feel old! Reading children's books for pleasure and so I could recommend them to my children was as important to me then as it is now. I was teaching Year 7 in a challenging primary school before the county I was in came in line with others and moved the age of transfer to secondary down a year. This was the perfect story to engage my lively and lovable children- and they loved it. 

The first in 'The Shadow Children Sequence', it tells the story of Luke - a shadow child- living at at a time when it is forbidden to have more than two children. The Population Law holds harsh penalties for those who break it so Luke has to stay home, living in secret. When a new housing estate is built next to his family's farm, his world becomes even smaller as he can't leave the house at all. Then, he sees a face at the window of one of the new houses- a home where there are already two children...

Having read the first, I made my way through all seven of the books in the sequence, loving each one, until 'Among the Free' in 2007. I really recommend these to anyone who enjoys a compelling, exciting read. 


'The Missing Found' was published in 2008 (2009 in the UK!). Fast paced with time-travel and mystery, this was the first book in a new series of great stories for upper primary children looking for something a little different. Told over eight books, the series concluded with 'Redeemed' in 2015 (2016 in the UK).

I have also enjoyed some of Margaret Peterson Haddix's titles for older children- 'Turnabout', 'Game Changer' and 'Running Out of Time' in particular. I need to update my reading of her books as I notice there are a couple of more recent books which I haven't yet read! 

A very 'Happy Birthday' to this talented and engaging author! You can find out more about Margaret and her books on her website.