LONG LIST REVIEW: Little Red Reading Hood

Little Red.jpg

Little  Red is always reading, but when her library book is overdue, she has to go through the woods - staying on the path- to return it. But tempted by a wolf and a really good book, she doesn't listen to her mother's advice and strays off the path, settling to read. Meanwhile, the Wolf rushes off to the library where he ties up Mrs Jones the librarian and hides her in a cupboard. It seems as if the story is going to end in the traditional way- until Wolf learns that 'stories can end any way that you please' and the fun begins!

A lovely twist on a traditional tale, this is a delightful story about the joy of stories- and that everyone can change and create their own ending. Told in a cheerful, bouncy rhyme, the story is full of humour and one reading will never be enough!

The illustrations are fabulous. Colourful, energetic pictures are full of details to notice and enjoy. The golden imaginings that come from the books as Red, the Wolf and Mrs Jones explore the endless possibilities they offer are so wonderful! Many traditional tales are referenced, encouraging children, teachers and parents to revisit old favourites and discover new delights! 

The story also encourages the reader to play with mixing up stories and changing their endings, something easy to explore in class! But the story also has huge potential for showing how people can change, how they do not have to take the course of action everyone expects. The Wolf is always cast as the villain, but Mrs Jones shows him that this does not have to be the case- his story can have whatever ending he chooses!

Fun, fabulous and full of books- what more could anyone want!

Little Red Reading Hood   Lucy Rowland, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Macmillan      ISBN: 978-1509825226