Teacup House: Meet the Twitches


Stevie is not happy about moving from her home at the top of a city tower block to a cottage in the country. Although it means living nearer to her dad, there is so much that she will miss. Nanny Blue arrives just before they leave, bringing a very special present with her. In a big box, wrapped in pale blue paper, tied with a shimmery bow, is a tea cup house with a miniature sign over its blue front door, saying 'The Twitches'. Four packages wrapped in starry, blue tissue paper contain four little, grey toy rabbits each with a name label: Gabriel, Bo, Silver and Fig Twitch. 

Arriving at the new house, Stevie accidentally drops Gabriel Twitch, father of Silver and Fig, in the garden. When she unpacks the teacup house and sets out the Twitch family, she realises that Gabriel is missing and starts a search for him. But the reader is able to see the real rescue that takes place as his family swing into action and Silver sets off on a daring mission to save her father. 

All ends well with the family happily reunited and tucked up into bed by Stevie as she concludes the cottage feels almost like home!

Beautifully written, 'The Twitches' is perfect for newly independent readers looking for an adventure. Drawing on the traditions of miniature worlds and toys coming alive as soon as their owners take their eyes off them, the story is full of warmth and just a hint of magic. The relationships in the story- Stevie, her mum and Nanny Blue and between the Twitches- are loving and reassuring and Stevie is lively and determined. Silver is my favourite character, however; brave, resourceful and creative, she lets nothing stand in her way when her father needs rescuing. 

With gorgeous illustrations on every page, 'Meet the Twitches' is a very appealing story with scope for many more adventures for Stevie and the little rabbit family to come. 


Teacup House:  Meet the Twitches     Hayley Scott, illustrated by Pippa Curnick

Usborne Books   ISBN: 978-1474928120