The Waggiest Tails- Poems Written by Dogs with help from Brian Moses and Roger Stevens


Who doesn’t love a dog? Who doesn’t love these two amazing poets? Mix them together and you get a wonderful collection of poems about precious pooches which are full of personality, pathos and humour!

With the final of ‘Strictly’ on tonight, it would be rude not to mention ‘My Dancing Friends’! This poem introduces a whole range of breeds of dogs and the dances at which they shine. Lots of alliterative word play and ticklish rhymes make the poem great fun to read aloud! It could inspire poems about breeds of other animals and their favourite pursuits- cats and their crafts perhaps!

‘Rescue Dog’, on the other hand, is deeply moving. Exploring the former life of a rescue dog, it would be an excellent poem to use for an assembly or PSHE lesson encouraging empathy and understanding. This need for patience and support could equally apply to humans. Brian Moses offers hope for the rescued dog if time, space and warmth are given.

Using kennings, ‘What I Am’ is a wonderful exploration of the perfect canine companion! This format is great for having fun and exploring the essence of something. There is so much to discuss and enjoy here- and children love describing their pets, friends or family members using this style!

Full of wonderful illustrations, this is a fabulous, fun collection of poems with something for everyone!

The Waggiest Tails Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, illustrated by Ed Boxall

Otter-Barry ISBN: 978-1910959893