The Company of Eight

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All her life, Cass has dreamed of joining The Circus Boat and performing as an acrobat.  When she misses her audition, she decides to board a boat heading for the mysterious Island of Women in search of adventure. However, things do not go according to plan, leading Cass into a dangerous world of pirates, slavery and intrigue where no one is quite what they seem.

This is one of those stories that begs to be read in one sitting! Full of action and adventure, the plot is compelling, partly because Cass is a very endearing character. From the start, the reader really wants her to succeed and realise her dreams. Headstrong and impulsive, Cass is also kind and loyal, making strong friendships on her adventures. Other characters are equally well drawn- the mysterious Elsba, little Lion, the evil Varen- adding to the story's charm.

Descriptive writing brings Cass's world to life and each chapter begins with a detail from the map at the start of the book, showing where Cass's adventures are taking her. 

Magic and excitement combine with touches of humour to make this an engaging read that just has to be finished. The world Harriet Whitehorn has created is wonderful and I hope there are further adventures from Cass and her friends to come as the Company of Eight deals with problems across The Longest World. 

The Company of Eight     Harriet Whitehorn

Stripes    ISBN: 978-1847159229