Be Brave Little Penguin


Little Pip-Pip the penguin is scared of going into the water. Mocked by his friends, it is Pip-Pip's mother who gently encourages him to face his fears, take things slowly and have a go. When he faces his fears and jumps into the sea, his courage is rewarded by the pure joy he feels as he swims through the water.


Warm and comforting, 'Be Brave Little Penguin' is not just a book about facing fears, but also about positive thinking. As Pip-Pip shares his worst worries with his mother, she advises him to think differently.

What if in that water

There are friends for you to meet?

And what if it is LIGHT and WARM

And full of fish to eat?

Gentle, but persistent encouragement to try new things is so important and this lovely story offers a very positive view of engaging with a new experience.


Like 'Giraffes Can't Dance'- another winner from this brilliant pairing- 'Be Brave Little Penguin' is told in bouncy, rhyming text which conveys both Pip-pip's nerves and his excitement perfectly. It's a great read aloud which also offers plenty of words and phrases to explore. There is so much which could be done with this story!


However, for me, the true magic of this book lies in the illustrations. Guy Parker-Rees has captured little roly-poly Pip-Pip's expressions perfectly, both when nervous and when elated. How two little eye dots and two little eyebrow lines can convey so much emotion is beyond me! The colour choices are also wonderful, bathing Pip-Pip in warmth when he is successful. 


A joyful story to encourage everyone to take the plunge! Just lovely!

Be Brave Little Penguin     Giles Andreae, illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Orchard Books     ISBN: 978-1408338377