Hay Festival: Clara Vullimay


Today was my first day at the Hay Festival and I have had an amazing time! It has rained a lot- this is Hay!- but nothing has dampened the spirits of all the people attending this wonderful festival.


Clara Vulliamy is a firm favourite of everyone at JAB HQ so I was delighted to find that she was going to be talking about her 'Dotty Detective' series. Dorothy Constance Mae Louise - or Dot as she prefers- is a wonderfully lovely character with many skills. She loves maths, doodling and can suck three super sour sweets- a talent she shares with her creator!


Together with McCluskey the dog and her best friend, Beans, she is one of  the Join the Dots Detectives and loves nothing more than solving a good mystery. Clara showed us all how she draws Dot and McCluskey and the taught us some very useful coding techniques- one of which being the banana code which is shown above! 


Having read us a section of her new book, 'The Holiday' Mystery, everyone settled down to create a code of their own using symbols for letters. All too soon, the session was over and lots of new 'Dotty Detectives' left, feeling very happy and pleased with themselves as Clara praised and commented on each code she saw.


It was a lovely session. Both written and illustrated by Clara, the 'Dotty Detective' books are well worth reading, offering fun stories full of warm friendships and loving family relationships. 


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