I Can Grow A Sunflower


Pretty plants grow in the garden. But where do they come from?

This delightful little book asks questions about the plants we find around us and then simply, but clearly explains what seeds need and how they grow.

Having planted some 'mystery' stripy seeds, the book shows what happens above and below the soil as the little seed is transformed into a beautiful sunflower.


Behind flaps to lift, there is lots more information about the plants and creatures that can be found in the garden. With sunflower seeds and a height chart included, this is the perfect book for nurturing curiosity about nature at the youngest age. Thick, sturdy pages mean the book will withstand a lot of loving attention and their laminated surface makes them easy to wipe clean of any gardening accidents!


The book also contains named pictures of other garden plants, encouraging children to identify and take an interest in these. Ending with the life cycle of a sunflower, the suggestion that collected seeds can be planted again next spring means that this wonderful book really is growing the gardeners of the future!

RHS I Can Grow a Sunflower  Dawn Sirett, design and illustrations by Claire Patane

Additional designs and illustrations by Eleanor Bates, Pauline Korp, Charlotte Milner

DK     ISBN: 978-0241301814