Oh Me, Oh My, A Pie!


When Grandma bakes a yummy pie which she leaves to cool on the shelf, she never could have dreamed of the adventure it would go on! Stolen clean away by a greedy fox, it was then taken by a hungry mouse, a cat a dog and an owl before ending up back on Grandma's table, just in time for her tea. Grandma is happy to share this wonderful pie with everyone, but their bad behaviour makes her change her mind!


Full of fun and humour, 'Oh Me, Oh My, A Pie!' flows along in bouncy, rhyming text which just cries out to be joined in with! My class loved the story, very quickly chorusing along with the 'Oh me, Oh my's and trying a guess what was going to happen to the pie next.


The illustrations are wonderful- full of detail. From Grandma's kitchen with its resident spider under the fridge to the cascade of flowers and insects after Fox's collision to the Kittycat Club through the park and back to Grandma's, each spread has plenty to discover and enjoy. 


Discussions about manners and sharing spring naturally from the story as everyone had an opinion about the behaviour at the end of the story! 

Another fabulous story from Jan Fearnley!

Oh Me, Oh My, A Pie!    Jan Fearnley

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 978-1788001021