Riding a Donkey Backwards -Wise and Foolish Tales of Mulla Nasruddin


Mulla Nasruddin has many names as he appears in stories in many different countries. Considered a trickster, a philosopher, a wise man, a teacher, he appears in many stories which are funny and thought provoking. Although many countries claim his birthplace, no one knows for sure when, where or even if he really lived. 


'Riding a Donkey Backwards' is a collection of 21 tales and riddles about Mulla Nasruddin, retold by Sean Taylor and Luqman Ali and Eleanor Martin of the Khayaal Theatre. Each has been beautifully illustrated by Shirin Adl. Using collage and patterns inspired by Islamic tiling, each picture is bright, lively and full of fun. 


'Riding a Donkey Backwards' is a perfect introduction to these tales. Each one is short, making the collection perfect for dipping in and out of for class stories, but also great for using to initiate discussions, as models for storytelling or to inspire writing. 


A glossary at the back explains potentially unfamiliar vocabulary and there is also the Mulla's answer to the question, 'Why do you ride a donkey backwards?' I'll let you find out why!

Riding a Donkey Backwards   Retold by Sean Taylor and Khayaal Theatre

Illustrated by Shirin Adl

Otter-Barry Books   ISBN: 978-1910959305